Monday, 6 June 2011

If you can't be weak in front of other people, then where is your strength?

It takes years to build a show. And during that time we meet people and perform extracts but also shows - and the material slips over time and deepens and becomes trivial and becomes historical and makes doubt. A lot of doubting - probing. And it is never finished, but marking a territory - or maybe a terrain - as it slips forward, across and along time but also space - as it adapts to the different stops along route, and as we its inhabitants move through our lives, grow older and younger, make choices and moves, disagree, pull away, or find ourselves surprisingly replete with love. And in all this journeying lives above all the concept of change - an acknowledgement that our bodies are changing, our minds and hearts are changing - as we fall into conversations variously coming to a different understanding of the relationships in this world at each moment. And in this idea of change lies the idea of letting go. And in the idea of letting go lies the idea of failure. Of saying - that made sense then, but we find ourselves here now, and how does that change what is needed?